Detox Treatment

Suboxone Treatment

If you looking for the recovery from an opioid dependence-we can help. With the proper treatment and care, many people that have an addiction will have their lives back. The trained specialists at UrgentPlus will provide treatment plans specialized to match to unique and personal conditions associated with addiction, including treatment with suboxone.

130 Opiod Overdose Deaths Every Day in the US

Suboxone Doctors

One of the best options that UrgentPlus in Newbury Park has to offer a patient suffering from opioid dependency is suboxone. Our team of addiction specialists understands the correct way to administer suboxone in a safe dosage, based on the patient’s prior heroin use and we do our best to make a patient feel comfortable and safe during their recovery period.

Suboxone Clinic

When a patient is signed into our clinic, an addiction specialist will evaluate their history . Once an individualized detox program has been created, patients will undergo detox at the clinic or in the convenience of your home.


Buprenorphine Treatment

The two main components of Suboxone are Buprenorphine and Naloxone. Buprenorphine acts as a pain eliminator and reduces the opiates effect on the brain. Due to the success of this medicine combination, addiction clinicians often prefer to use Suboxone. Its ability to suppress withdrawal symptoms and discourage incorrect administration is vital to a patient’s successful recovery. If you are a patient at UrgentPlus 50% more likely you will remain sober. A suboxone program will also reduce the cravings for opiates, as it blocks opioid receptors in the brain and eliminate the feelings that generated by opioid use. The Suboxone only needs to be taken once per day.

We work closely with Iris Healing Retreat, a detox, residential and outpatient dual-diagnosis treatment center nestled in beautiful Woodland Hills, less than 30 minutes from Newbury Park. Their doctoral level clinical team treats addiction on a deeper level by addressing the core emotional and mental health issues in order to transform your health and lifestyle to achieve and sustain long-term sobriety.

The trauma-informed program emphasizes trauma resolution, spiritual growth, and personal development. Various treatment modalities including individual therapy, brainspotting, neurofeedback, meditation as well as a holistic approach are incorporated. Invested in the success of their clients, the team pools together years of experience to support and create an individualized plan for those recovering from addiction and past trauma.

The program goal at Iris supports clients in discovering their true spiritual self, empowering them with tools that create a happy, fulfilled and purposeful life at Iris and beyond.